Benefits of fig are numerous. They are regarded as nutrient dense foods as they are found to be loaded with vitamins and minerals. For long, fruits have been part of a healthy diet. They have remarkable nutritional value. One such fruit that has made headlines in various health magazines due to its ability to keep a number of ailments at bay is fig.

You’ll be surprised to know how a handful of fig fruits can be so beneficial.

Fig Fruit Benefits

• Lowers Cholesterol

• Controls Blood Pressure

• Helps in Weight Loss

• Prevents Constipation

• Increases Bone Density

• Prevents Cancer

• Good for those Suffering from Anemia

• Prevents Asthma Attacks

Read about the Fig Health Benefits in detail….

Fig has a lip smacking taste. Munching few servings daily can improve the overall health. As it is loaded with a wide range of nutrients, many people are keen to know nutritional benefits of figs.


1. Fig, fresh or dried, is valued for its laxative property.

2. It is diuretic, demulcent, emollient and nutritive.

3. It is used in the form of confection and syrups along with senna for constipation.

4. Figs are considered useful in the prevention of nutritional anemia.

5. Fig juice can be taken to cure sore throat and inflammation of bronchial passage.

6. Eating of figs regularly can provide relief from fatigue and sleep disorders and bring about improvement in memory.

7. The ash of figs is highly alkaline and used in acidity and urinary trouble.

8. Fig latex is used as an anti helminthic. The anti helminthic action has been traced to ficin, a proteolytic enzyme which has the remarkable power of digesting living worms. Fisin is effective against both Trichurus and Ascaris varieties of worms. As ficin gets destroyed by dilute hydrochloric acid, it has to be administered simultaneously with sodium carbonate. 9. Preserved juice of fig is used to cure many stomach ailments like dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence and amoebiasis.

10. Fig is high in calories and is easy to digest and assimilate. The latex that oozes out of freshly cut unripe fruit and leaves contains chymase (a milky fluid with a coagulant action), lipase, amylase and protease. It also contains enzyme diastase which when applied over uncooked meat increases maturation process.

11. Fig is a highly nutritious food. Since it does not contain any fiber, persons recovering from illness are specially advised to take it. It is a wholesome food which is easily digested.

12. It is also effective in removing gravel from the kidney or bladder and also helps in the removal of obstruction of liver and spleen in sub acute cases.

13. The fruit is also given as a cure for piles and gout.

14. It is also liver corrective and used to control diarrhea.

15. Fig is used in leucoderma or white spots on skin as it contains a chemical “furo-coumarin” which is responsible for this action. A person suffering from this disease is advised to take figs in any form for 2 to 3 months.

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Fig Health Benefits

Fig fruit benefits are plenty but one will experience these health enhancing effects only when it is consumed on a regular basis. Adding a handful of fig fruits in your daily diet would keep you away from many health problems. Being a seasonal fruit, it is not available throughout the year and is usually sold in the market in early fall. However, whenever they are available, one should not give a second thought in purchasing this nutritious fruits.


Studies are being carried out to determine figs nutritional benefits to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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