Medicinal uses and benefits of potato are discussed here.

The leaves, green tubers and fruits are dangerously toxic because of their high solanine content. Apart from its culinary value, the white tuber has various medicinal qualities.


1. It has soothing effect in eye irritations and can be used as a paste on skin irritants and sores.

2. It is rich in starch. Because of its high content of starch, it acts and has an emollient property that can actually soothe the skin.

3. They’re high in vitamin C and vitamin B6. One cup of potatoes gives you with a quarter of your daily requirement of vitamin C and they’re an excellent source of vitamin B6. Vitamin C is important for the synthesis of collagen, the main support structure found in connective tissue. Vitamin B6 is critical for maintaining healthy brain activity and is involved in hundreds of important chemical reactions. Potatoes help to provide significant amounts of these two important vitamins.

4. Benefits of potato include help in normal functioning of heart and keeping a check on blood pressure.

5. With its high content of potassium, it is good for heart. It acts as a vasodilator thus dilating or increasing the size of your blood vessels and controls the blood pressure. It is known for its diuretic effect.

6. It helps to improve resistance to heart attack and stroke. The potassium content, available in them, helps in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body cells.

7. Potatoes might help prevent cancer in glands and organs with epithelial tissue because of their high Vitamin A content.

8. Potatoes make nice food for diabetics because they help to control blood sugar levels.

9. They’re a good source of lutein. Potatoes with a yellow flesh have been found to be high in an antioxidant known as lutein which helps to prevent macular degeneration, one of the most common eye diseases seen in adults. It appears that the lutein present in potatoes remains stable even when the potato is cooked.

10. With its high content of calcium and phosphorus, it helps to calm the spasms and cramps individuals would usually experience. It has a relaxing effect on the muscles.

11. These are beneficial in curing stomach ulcers and inflamed conditions of the colon.

12. They are also beneficial in hemorrhoid due to their high fiber content.

13. Roasted variety act as an antacid. Thus, it helps in the digestive system. It works best also for those suffering from constipation.

14. It is rich in carbohydrates thus boosting the energy of an individual.

15. It is known for its anti-scorbutic properties. Boosts the immune system thus decreasing the chances for illness.

16. They have phyto chemicals. They are a good source of phenols which act as antioxidants and may help to reduce the risk of chronic disease. In fact some types of potatoes, particularly those with darker skins, have phenol levels that are comparable to those of green, leafy vegetables.

17. The juice of this plant is used by some people to relieve heartburn and water brash.

18. Emollient and cleansing face masks are also made from it to treat greasy or wrinkled skin.


Potatoes were recently found to contain components called kukoamines, a type of flavonoid that appears to lower blood pressure. It’s not clear whether these kukoamines are present at high enough levels in potatoes to have an effect on blood pressure through normal diet or whether they remain stable when the potato is cooked. Benefits of potato extending to control of blood pressure are not confirmed. More research is needed in this area.

Thus the potato appears to be more than just a high carbohydrate source of empty calories.

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