Custard Apple is found to have anti-cancerous properties. It is astringent, tonic, anthelminthic, purgative, diuretic. The fruit seeds are also abortifaciant.

Name: annona squamosa

Family Name: Annonaceae


Custard apple is a large genus, comprising over 70 species of trees and shrubs, distributed in tropical countries. Its tree is small 15- 20 feet high, bearing yellowish green fruit 3- 4” in diameter. The flesh of the fruit is juicy, cream yellow or white, delicately flavored and tastes sweet. The seeds are mainly brownish-black smooth and oblong.

Parts Used:

Leaves, bark, root, seed and fruit


Astringent, tonic, anthelminthic, purgative, diuretic and anti-cancerous

Forms of Use:

Fruit, root powder, decoction

Fruit Preservation:

Semi-ripe fruits are usually preserved under refrigeration but it is very difficult to preserve over-ripe fruits.

Nutritional value:

This fruit has a pleasant flavor. It can be made into drinks and fermented liquor.

The pulp contains:

Moisture: 73.2%

Glucose: 14.5%

Saccharose: 1.7%

Protein: 0.8%

Ascorbic acid: 50 mg per 100 gm


1. It is found to have anti-cancerous properties against human epidermal carcinoma of the Naso-pharynx in tissue culture.

2. Ripe fruit mixed with salt is applied to malignant tumors to hasten suppuration (pus formation) and healing.

3. The unripe fruit is useful in destroying insects and lice.

4. The fruit seeds are also abortifaciant.

5. It is considered as anti-scorbutic.

6. Fruit seeds were found to have oxytocic and some uterotonic activity.

7. Its powdered seeds give a good hair wash.

8. Unripe fruits are used in diarrhea, dysentery and dyspepsia.

9. Leaf juice, when applied over head kills lice.

10. Leaf juice is also helpful in hysterical or fainting fits when inhaled.

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