Estrogen Hormone

Estrogen Hormone - Are you having too much of estrogen hormone in your body?

Estrogen hormone is an important hormone in males and females. It is the main female sex hormone. But it is present in everyone, men and women. Females tend to have higher estrogen levels while males have more testosterone, which is the main Male hormone. 

In women, Estrogen plays a major role in the menstrual cycle and reproductive system. While in men, it is important for #sexual function. Both can develop high levels of estrogen, which can affect overall health, sexual development and function. 

Estrogen dominance is essentially too much of estrogrn hormone. It can cause many unwanted symptoms and diseases ranging from infertility, PMS, low libido to weight gain. 

Excess estrogen levels in combination with low progesterone, lead to the symptoms of estrogen dominance. 

Top Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance in females - 

  1. Abnormal menstrual periods (light spotting, heavy bleeding, irregular periods) 
  2. Bad PMS I.e. #premenstrual syndrome causing breast tenderness, swelling, mood swings, headache
  3. Fatigue 
  4. Brain fog
  5. Low libido 
  6. Sluggish metabolism 
  7. Weight gain (especially hips and abs)
  8. Thyroid dysfunction 
  9. Hair loss
  10. Trouble sleeping 
  11. Mood swings, #anxiety, #depression
  12. Non cancerous breast lumps
  13. Uterine fibroid 

Symptoms of high estrogen in males - 

  1. #Erectile #dysfunction
  2. Enlarged breasts or gynecomastia 
  3. #Infertility 
  4. Depression 

Having high estrogen levels increases the health problems like - 

  •  Thyroid diseases 
  •  Blood clots
  •  Heart attack 
  •  Stroke 
  •  Breast cancer 
  •  Ovarian cancer 

Estrogen influences immune and inflammatory processes. It causes increased inflammatory responses to infection and sepsis. Higher rate is autoimmune diseases seen in women when compared to men in similar situation of excess estrogen levels.  

Anyone experiencing symptoms of high estrogen should visit a doctor for an examination and blood tests. The doctor can determine whether a hormonal imbalance is the main root cause of your problems and will treat accordingly.