Let’s see how you can keep your heart healthy in today’s hectic life. There are few small steps you can follow to achieve a healthy heart and healthy, well balanced life.

Lately in two or three years I have noticed many young people died due to heart attack. Their age range was between 30 to 35 years. And if you see the profiles most of them were from IT or Computers related background or from highly stressed profession. Does this send any Signal?

Why do People at Young age get Heart attack? Few main reasons are –

1. Being Workaholic. They spend most of the time at work and get stressed out.

2. Less Exercise. Life has become so busy these days that most of us hardly do any exercise.

3. Inadequate sleep. It is advocated that we should have minimum 8 hours of sleep. If it is not possible then at least 7 hours sleep is a must.

4. Consumption of Excess Fatty food.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

• Exercise -

Follow daily exercise routine. Keep this in your schedule. You need to workout for minimum 30 minutes. Brisk Walking for 30 minutes is more than enough to keep your heart healthy. Do something you enjoy such as walking, swimming, jogging, tennis or bicycling. Spend at least three hours per week doing some type of activity.

• Relaxation techniques –

Try to relax. Do not spend all your time at office. Take a break from your work and spend time with your family, relatives and friends. Cultivate a hobby, so that you can spend some time away from daily hassles.

• Rest –

Proper rest is advised to replenish your body functions. You need to take a good night’s sleep for minimum 7 to 8 hours. After that your mind and body will get fully energized to combat daily stress.

• Healthy Diet –

Reduce Fat Consumption. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Stick to a nutritious, well balanced diet.

• Quit Smoking –

If you are a smoker try to stop it. Keep your heart clean and drug free.

• Get regular checkups – Take time out of your busy schedule to say hello to your doctor. Get your routine checkups done.

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