Nutrients for Non Pregnant Women

Recommended daily allowances of nutrients for non pregnant women are given here. Daily allowances for various nutrients – before conception, during pregnancy, and while you are breastfeeding your baby are different for each phase.

Nutrients plays a great role in the prevention of the birth defects in the baby. Researchers also found that women who took the folic acid supplement for at least one year prior to becoming pregnant reduces their chances of preterm birth significantly.

Nutrients for Non-pregnant Women

Recommended daily allowances are:

Kilocalories - 2200

Vitamin A (mcg)- 700

Vitamin B6 (mg)- 1.5

Riboflavin (mg)- 1.1

Thiamin (mg)- 1.1

Vitamin D (mcg) - 5

Vitamin E (mg)- 15

Vitamin K (mcg)- 90

Calcium (mg)- 1200

Folic acid (mcg)- 400

Iodine (mcg)- 150

Iron (mg ferrous iron)- 18

Magnesium (mg)- 320

Niacin (mg)- 14

Phosphorous (mg)- 700

Protein (g)- 38

Zinc (mg)- 8

Pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant are often told to get plenty of prenatal vitamins and nutrients into their daily diet.

Although it's common advice, few women understand how and why these nutrients aids the fetus during development, what it does in the body, and how to get it into their diet (in addition to a daily prenatal vitamin).

These important nutrients can help both mother and baby during development, and deserves all the attention it receives.

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