Role of Nutrients In Pregnancy

Role of nutrients in pregnancy is discussed here. Additional nutrient requirements during pregnancy need to be fulfilled to achieve healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

Following nutrients are essential during pregnancy:

Vitamin A –

Aids in vision.

It is needed for the growth of bones and teeth.

Vitamin B6 –

Aids in the formation of red blood cells

Vitamin B12 –

Aids in the formation of red blood cells

Vitamin C –

It is needed for wound healing.

It provides resistance to infection.

It helps in collagen formation.

Vitamin D –

Aids in the growth of bones and teeth

Vitamin E –

Needed for the formation and use of red blood cells and muscles

Vitamin K –

Prevents a rare bleeding disorder in the newborn

Calcium –

Essential for the growth and health of bones and teeth and proper muscle and nerve function

Folic acid –

Prevents neural tube defects in the fetus;

It is essential for blood and protein production.

It helps in cell division

Iodine –

Required for hormone production

Iron –

Essential for the production of hemoglobin, an important blood protein.

Magnesium –

Needed for proper nerve and muscle function.

Niacin –

Promotes healthy skin, nerves, and digestion.

It helps the body to use carbohydrates.

Phosphorous –

Essential for the growth and health of bones and teeth.

Protein –

Needed for overall health and growth.

Protein aids in blood production and supplies the "building blocks" for your baby's body.

Riboflavin –

Aids in the release of energy to the cells.

Thiamin –

Helps the body to digest carbohydrates.

Zinc –

Aids in the production of enzymes and insulin.

By choosing right kind of food you will get all the nutrients required for baby’s growth and development. Pregnancy nutrition plays an important role in the overall outcome of pregnancy. By making slight dietary changes you can get appropriate nutrients. So you must know the role of nutrients in pregnancy. For example – green leafy vegetables are high in folic acid and iron. Dairy products are helpful in getting nutrients such as phosphorous, riboflavin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. Calcium can be obtained from salmon, beans, tofu, and dairy products. So you must keep a close check on your food and grocery list to get maximum benefits.

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