Correlation between organic foods and pregnancy, the benefits of eating organic food during pregnancy and is it worth the extra money? – are discussed here.

These are the most frequently asked questions. Organic foods and pregnancy is the hot topic of discussion now a days.

There are tremendous benefits of eating organic foods if you are pregnant. It keeps you and your baby healthy by providing nutrient rich diet.

Effect of conventional Foods on Pregnancy

Expectant mother exposes herself and her baby to harmful chemicals from conventional foods. Pesticides and herbicides are used for conventionally grown fruits and vegetables which poses great risk to the baby. Mother's diet containing traditionally grown products is the only source of these harmful chemicals. These chemicals have been shown to cross the placenta and affect the baby in numerous ways.

Even minute quantities of these chemicals can alter the hormonal, nervous and immune systems of the people who consume them. Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to the effects of synthetic growth hormones.

Studies have shown that they can –

• Alter hormone production,

• Lead to reproductive and developmental problems and

• Possibly lead to cancer.

Hormones found in beef are linked to early onset of puberty in girls which may in turn lead to breast cancer as well as other cancers.

Antibiotics are also routinely given to chickens, cattle, dairy cows and even fish. They are used to prevent illnesses and control diseases in the animals. But the over use of these antibiotics causes antibiotic resistance in humans.

Certain fishes carry higher mercury content so check the list of safe fishes in foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Advantages of Organic foods during pregnancy

Organically grown foods are free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, artificial growth hormones, steroids, growth enhancers and antibiotics. So these organic foods do not pose any threat for the mother and the baby.

It is better for women to eat organic foods during pregnancy. Pregnant women and children may in fact, benefit the most from eating organic.

By adding organic foods in your diet, you can minimize health problems and ultimately reduces the medical expenses!

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