Organic foods worth buying are discussed here. The nutritional value of organic foods is greater than the conventional foods. Though organic produce is highly priced than conventional types, their demand has been increased lately.

Most of the consumers who do not eat organic food say the reason is cost. Organic foods can cost anywhere from 50-100% more than conventionally grown foods. In fact report stated that people would eat more organic food if the prices were lower. While the demand for organic food continues to grow and availability increases, prices will continue to drop.

When is Paying for Organic Food worth the Cost?

Various studied have been done on number of food groups to determine the levels of harmful chemicals.

Some of the pesticides or additives levels are found to be so high in most of the foods that it is always worth buying the organically grown foods. Other foods, such as bananas, are not worth paying the organic price since the pesticide residue is removed when you peel it.


• Meat

• Poultry

• Eggs

• Dairy

• Baby Food


• Bell Peppers

• Celery

• Cherries




Potato • Raspberries

• Spinach


Pesticides and herbicides are used for conventionally grown fruits and vegetables which poses great risk.

For the production of meat, poultry and eggs – chemical treatments including artificial growth hormones, steroids, growth enhancers and antibiotics are used very frequently.

Even minute quantities of these chemicals can alter the hormonal, nervous and immune systems of the people who consume them. Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to the effects of synthetic growth hormones.

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Compared to these harmful effects of chemicals on the health, it is worth the extra money you are paying for organic foods. This is the reason why the sale of organic foods has been growing constantly.

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