Organic foods are one of the most favored and beneficial trends in the health and nutrition these days. Even the local grocery stores have jumped on the organic bandwagon.

It is proven that organically produce food is safer and better for you than the conventional foods. However organic produce carry a price tag significantly higher than conventional foods. But it is worth the extra money you are paying for.

Organic Foods Versus Conventional Foods :

Fruits and Vegetables


Usually the farms that produce fruit and vegetable crops, the produce are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. These sprays carry harmful chemical residue that cannot be removed by simply washing them.

Harmful Effect of Chemicals

It is quite possible that conventional farming methods, which use pesticides and herbicides, interfere with the nutritive value and the anti-cancer properties of the fruits and vegetables.

Even minute quantities of these chemicals can alter the hormonal, nervous and immune systems of the people who consume them. Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to the effects of synthetic growth hormones. Some of these artificial chemicals are linked to certain types of cancers such as breast, uterine, prostate cancer and leukemia.

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Advantages of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organically grown fruits and vegetables have a higher nutritive content compared to the produce grown by traditionally.

In one study, organically grown apples, pears, sweet corn, potatoes and wheat were examined over a 2 year period. They were 63% higher in calcium, 73% higher in iron, 118% higher in magnesium, 178% higher in molybdenum, 91% higher in phosphorus, 125% higher in potassium and 60% higher in zinc than traditionally grown produce. The organic produce was also 29% lower in mercury. Organically grown corn and strawberries have much larger quantities of antioxidants than the conventionally grown counterparts.

Meats, Poultry, Eggs, Fish

About 2/3 of the cattle used to provide our meat have been treated with artificial growth hormones. FDA has deemed that these hormones are safe. We all know that these hormones not only increase the animal size, but are also present into the meat on our dinner tables.

Growth hormones cannot be given to poultry or pigs, as advocated by the law. Instead growth enhancers and additives are given to these animals to make them grow faster.

Antibiotics are also routinely given to chickens, cattle, dairy cows and even fish. They are used to prevent illnesses and control diseases in the animals. But the over use of these antibiotics causes antibiotic resistance in humans.

Meat, poultry, and eggs from organic farms are certified to be free from any chemical treatments including artificial growth hormones, steroids, growth enhancers and antibiotics.

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Organic food benefits in terms of health and nutrition are much higher than conventional foods. It will help in cost cutting of medical expenses by reducing illness in the long run.

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