PREGNANCY Introduction

Pregnancy Test Result = Positive?


Dear Mom-to-be!

I know this is an exciting time for you and everyone is rushing to give you advice …

Stay with me because I have something exciting to share with you…

You can find a mom who just breezed through the process of delivery and child birth. You never heard them complain and they always seemed to glow. Sure, they had some tough days – but it looks like they were able to take it in stride.

Here’s the amazing part – they probably looked better AFTER their pregnancy than before! I know you definitely want to know her secret!

If you want to have a fit and healthy pregnancy, then you need to follow few principles. The next 9 months could be a healthy milestone for you.


Preparation for the baby should begin before conception, because – the development of the fetus begins from the third week after the last menstrual period (LMP). Any exposure to drugs (contraindicated during pregnancy) could cause damaging effects on the fetus, even before the woman became aware of her conception.

The mother planning for conception should keep herself healthy by eating well balanced and nutritious diet. Nutrition plays great role in achieving healthy mother and healthy, well developed baby. Moderate exercise is advised to improve your cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


• Steadily improve your fitness level safely and comfortably throughout the 9 months.

• BOOST your energy levels.

• Do something healthy for you and your baby. Get a workout, but don’t overdo it.

• Have confidence that you are eating the right foods to give you and your baby the nutrients you need to stay in top physical condition.

• Avoid many of the physical aches and pains like swollen ankles and wrists, sore back, and strained shoulders.

• You can ease the roller-coaster hormone-induced emotional battle and feel great for the entire 9 months.

Remember –

keeping yourself healthy also keeps your baby healthy.

That is what we all want, a healthy mother and a healthy baby!

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