Role of Caffeine in Hormone Health

What is the role of caffeine in hormone health? Let's explore..

How many of you start your day with a cup of coffee or a tea ? 

We usually say.. Start the day strong .. Have a cup of coffee first! 

Caffeine contributes to the elevated mood and gives perception of increased energy. 

Effects of Long term caffeine intake -

It increases the receptors of GABA (65% increase), acetylcholine (40-50% increase),and serotonin (26-30% increase). Caffeine has the ability to enter your brain. It directly increases blood pressure due to the stimulatory effect. It also stimulates the release of stress hormone. 

  • High intake of caffeine like 3-5 cups per day is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. 
  • Caffeine causes burst of energy. This energy stimulates our “fight or flight” hormones. It causes anxiety, heart palpitations, nervousness and sometimes even panic attacks. 
  • In adolescents it increases chances of depression
  • Daily caffeine intake alters your sleep pattern. Change in sleep cycle causes daytime drowsiness and restless sleep at night. 
  • Caffeine inhibits the absorption of iron, calcium and Vitamin B complex. 

Research in women -

Research shows that women who drinks 2 or more cups of caffeine (200 milligrams) per day, has increased levels of estrogen hormone. High estrogen level is associated with endometriosis, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. If women have increased risk for theses conditions then they must limit their caffeine intake. It worsens certain menopause symptoms. 

Caffeine Addiction - 

Caffeine has an addictive power. It alters brain chemistry just like cocaine does. Caffeine withdrawal causes headache, difficulty in concentration, brain fog, irritability and fatigue. 

Effect of Caffeine on Skin - 

Caffeine interferes with collagen formation. It reduces collagen synthesis in skin. Collagen directly affects our skin, body and nails. Limit your caffeine intake to have less wrinkles and healthy skin. 

Conclusion -

Coffee does have its benefits. Moderation is very important to balance your hormones. Limit your caffeine intake to stay healthy and young.