Tomato Benefits

Tomato benefits and medicinal uses are discussed here. There are many health benefits of eating tomatoes. They contain compounds that have been proven to help prevent cancer, heart disease cataracts and many others.

Raw tomato juice is very popular and widely used. It has an alkaline reaction in our body and is highly nutritious containing good amount of vitamin C that increases on ripening. Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium Cooking tomatoes in oil encourages intestinal absorption and results in a two-to-three fold rise in plasma lycopene concentrations. Its sauce is one of the best lycopene sources.

Scientists are now trying to grow tomatoes with a wider range of health providing qualities. The first anthocyanin-laden tomatoes were produced in 2004 at Oregon State University. Anthocyanin is one of the compounds that make red wine healthy.


Tomato benefits in heart disease. Recent research has shown that tomato contains a component P3, which by preventing platelet clots helps to cut down deaths from heart diseases and strokes. This element is also found in strawberries and grapefruit and melon but is most effective in tomatoes. Nicotinic acid in tomatoes can reduce blood cholesterol, thus helps prevent heart diseases. Lycopene is also an inhibitor to heart disease.


The latest informed speculation on the tomato benefits concerns lung cancer. New research is beginning to indicate that tomatoes may be used to help prevent lung cancer. Two powerful compounds found in tomatoes-coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid-are thought to block the effects of nitrosamines. These are compounds that not only are formed naturally in the body, but also are the strongest carcinogen in tobacco smoke. By blocking the effects of these nitrosamines, the chances of lung cancer are reduced significantly.


Tomato benefits in prostate cancer protection. They are rich in Vitamin C and in lycopene, a protective factor against prostrate cancer. Compound lycopene, a vitamin like component – interferes with molecules that cause DNA damage which leads to prostate cancer. As per the National Cancer Institute, eating tomatoes regularly gives protection against cancer. The more tomatoes men eat; it is less likely they develop the prostate cancer. Men who eat two or more servings of tomato products average a 35 percent reduction is seen in prostate cancer risk.

Researchers found that "The only nutrient that turned out to have significant preventative value against prostate cancer is lycopene." It is most efficiently absorbed into the body when accompanied by dietary fats (lipids).

Eating raw variety or ketchup, sauce or its paste-topped pizza more than two times a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 21 to 43 percent according to research of the Harvard University School of Public Health.


Lycopene is a powerful inhibitor of the growth of breast and endometrial (inner lining of the uterus) cancer cells. Lycopene helps women guard against cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia, (CIN), tumor tissue growth in the cervix according to research from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tomato products are beneficial in aggressive cancers that have also spread to other parts of the body.


Tomato benefits in respiratory disorders like tuberculosis and asthma. Every night before going to bed, consume three peeled garlic cloves followed by a glassful of fresh tomato juice mixed with honey and a pinch of powdered cardamom seeds. This is highly beneficial in the treatment of tuberculosis and other lung infections. It increases the body’s resistance and prevents drug resistance and the relapse which is common in tuberculosis. In asthmatics, it reduces the congestion in the bronchioles and checks the hyper secretion of mucus and reduces spasms.


Tomato benefits in diabetes control. It has low carbohydrate content and is a good food for diabetics. It is said to be very effective in controlling the percentage of sugar in the urine of diabetic patients.


They are highly useful in the treatment of obesity. One or two ripe tomatoes taken early morning without breakfast is considered safe method to reduce weight. Besides it provides basic nutrients and vitamin C.

• URINARY CALCULI – Eating a tomato early in the morning prevents formation of urinary calculi or stone as it has sufficient quantity of acids and vitamins A and C. It is proved that lack of these vitamins invites recurrent UTI (urinary tract infection) and it causes calculi or stone formation. Tomato controls the acid value of urine to 5.5 or less, thereby reducing the chances of infection by increasing the acidity of urine.


It is a rich source of vitamin A. So, it is dependable preventive remedy against night blindness and other eye diseases. Tomatoes benefits for the eyes. Lycopene, the most abundant carotenoid in the blood serum, was found to be the key antioxidant that guards against ARMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), a condition that may cause blindness.

TOMATO LEAVES are useful in optic nerve and eye weakness.

DOSES – keep a handful of fresh leaves in a cup containing hot water for 15 minutes. The water is decanted and a teaspoonful, three times before meals or breakfast daily is useful.

• Tomato is a powerful de-obstruent. It removes diseased particles and opens natural channels of the body. It is a gentle, natural stimulant for kidneys and helps to wash away the toxins which cause diseases and contaminate our system.

• Malic, citric and oxalic acids are present in this fruit. These acids combine with sodium or potassium to form sodium malate, citrate and oxalate. After oxidation in our body, they give alkaline reaction products in the form of carbonates of sodium and potassium. This increases alkalinity in our body, not acidity as thought earlier. So, it is an antacid.

• They are also a source of potassium - essential for balancing our sodium intake and for proper cell performance as well as for regulating blood pressure.

• They contain folate, niacin and Vitamin B6 (an anti-inflammatory) and Vitamin K (which aids the body's fight against osteoporosis).

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1. A large consumption of tomato can help improve skin texture and color.

2. It is a good blood purifier.

3. They helps in cases of congestion of the liver (protects the liver from cirrhosis) as well as for dissolving gallstones.

4. It is a natural antiseptic. Therefore it can help protect against infection.

5. Vitamin K in tomatoes helps to prevent hemorrhages.

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