ANDROPAUSE (Male Menopause)


It refers to a set of gradual physical and psychological changes that men generally go through, beginning in their middle age. It is equivalent to the menopause in women. Yet in some ways it is quiet different from the female menopause.Common age of onset of symptoms of Andropause is 56 to 60 years but as early as 35 years have been reported in the literature.


In 1944 two American doctors, Carl Heller and Gordon Myers in one of their article reported, what we now describe as the male menopause. They compared the symptoms with those of the female menopause. Unfortunately, men are unwilling to accept that they could also attain “menopause”. Men with genuine symptoms were told that ‘this is just a mid-life crisis’. Testosterone therapy was blamed for its abusive purposes and so the concept of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for Andropause was not well tolerated. Further TRT was discouraged due to the panic of the side effects like prostate cancer.


It is caused by lower levels of testosterone. After age of 30, testosterone levels drop by about 10 percent every decade. Rapid deterioration starts after the age of 50. Men may experience symptoms after around 25% drop of his Testosterone level.


Symptoms can very from man to man, which may include

• Lack of energy

• Decrease in strength and muscle power

• Decrease in sex drive

• Depression, anger and confusion

• Hot flashes and night sweats

• Deterioration in sports ability

• Falling asleep after dinner

• Decrease in work performance

• Thinning of bone and loss of height

Any four or more from above may need treatment.

MENOPAUSE and ANDROPAUSE are just a pause not the END.


Natural line of Treatment

• Eat nutritious, low fat and high-fibre diet.

• Reduce calorie intake by about 30%.

• Drink lots of water.

• Regular exercise and Yoga.

• Get plenty of sleep.

• Make friends and group to share your feelings.

• Limited consumption of alcohol, caffeine and smoking.

• Find new ways to relieve stress.

The aging process is related directly to the amount of free radicals present in the body. Food rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients such as fruits and vegetables reduce the free radicals and thus slow down the aging process.

Herbal agents

• Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris)

• Yohimbe has traditionally been used to enhance male potency and libido.

Medical line of Treatment

• Testosterone Replacement Therapy

• Melatonin

• Metformin

Medical treatment should be given only by a physician after a complete medical examination.


In conclusion, it may be male stated that the male menopause is a definite entity. It affects many men over 50 years of age or sometimes earlier. Symptoms are gradual and usually not as pronounced as in the female. Early diagnosis and hormone replacement therapy can improve symptoms.

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