Ginkgo Biloba

Get the Blood Flowing

The ginkgo biloba is a tree thought to have existed for over 200 million years. Researchers found that its leaves contained strong antioxidant flavones- making them capable of reversing the ageing of the brain.

If you suffer from frequent, unexplained headaches, you could be suffering from diminished blood flow to the brain. Improve the circulation of blood through the brain, and chances are that the headache will clear up. That’s what the herb ginkgo does most effectively.

• Medical studies have found that the flavonoid glycosides in extract of ginkgo improve blood flow and oxygen to all the organs in the body. Because they improve cerebral blood flow, they act effectively as a brain tonic , especially recommended for the elderly.

• Similarly, because flavonoid glycosides improve circulation, they also make ginkgo a premium natural remedy for dilating the arteries and hence providing the relief to people suffering from reduced blood flow and oxygenation to the legs in the peripheral vascular disease.

• Extract of ginkgo also helps maintain good blood flow to the retina, and is considered a good therapy for macular degeneration.

The ginkgo leaves contain very little of the active compounds- hence a standardized extract may mean processing 50 kg of leaves to get 1 kg of extract.

The suggested dose of ginkgo extract is 150-300 mg a day.

More than this can cause diarrhea, irritability and restlessness.

It is recommended that remedies made from standardized extracts are best bought from reputed manufacturers.

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