Curative Juice for Backache

Curative juice for backache contains broccoli, carrots, spinach, apple etc. which helps in easing the pain. Pain in the back can be a symptom of various disorders- a strain, bad posture, a slipped disc, obesity, kidney disease, gall bladder infection or pregnancy.



2 lettuce leaves

A small wedge of carrots

3 broccoli flowerets

A handful of spinach

4-5 carrots

Half apple, seeded

• Run them through the juicer, separately, and mix well.

• The broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and spinach are rich sources of vitamin K, which help in reducing backache.

• Carrots are rich in copper, which is effective in controlling backache.

• Apple contains antibacterial compounds and helps in easing the pain.

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