Curative Juice for Crohn Disease

Curative juice for Crohn disease helps in control of inflammation. Crohn’s disease is a severe inflammation of the intestine (also known as ileitis), and results in attacks of diarrhea alternating with constipation, poor appetite and loss of weight. It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines, specially the colon and the ileum, associated with ulcers and fistula. This disease is named after the American pathologist Bussill B. Crohn in 1930.



3 beet tops

A handful of parsley

A handful of spinach

4 carrots

1 turnip top

• Extract the juices and mix well.

• Beet greens and spinach contain folic acid that helps in absorption of nutrients.

• Carrots, parsley and spinach have beta carotene that the body converts into vitamin A.

• Parsley is a good source of vitamin C. Turnip greens, having vitamin K, prevents internal bleeding.

• Parsley and beet greens are sources of calcium which helps in regulating the acid-base balance of the body.

• But greens, spinach and parsley contain magnesium, which helps in relaxing the muscles.

• Parsley and carrots are sources of zinc that aids in healing, inflammation control and tissue regeneration.

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