Curative Juice For FATIGUE

Curative juice for fatigue is rich in zinc, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamin C & B-complex which strengthens the immune system. It also increases energy levels and helps in easing stress.

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, which can range from slight to severe, and in the latter case it is exhaustion.



A handful of Spinach

2 Carrots

1/2 Green Pepper

2 Broccoli flowerets

1 clove of Garlic

1/4th inch Ginger

• Extract the juices and mix well.

• Spinach, garlic, ginger and carrots are good sources of zinc, selenium and B complex vitamins that enhance the immune function and increase energy levels.

• Carrots and spinach are rich sources of beta-carotene that helps in protecting against toxins.

• Green pepper and broccoli consist of vitamin C that helps in the functioning of the adrenal glands, has antiviral effects and strengthens the immune system.

• Broccoli, rich in pantothenic acid, helps in easing stress from the body.

• Consume foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel, sardines, tuna, etc.



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