Curative Juice for HYPERTENSION

Curative juice for hypertension contains strawberries, banana, apple and cantaloupe,rich in potassium & vitamin C. This helps in lowering the blood pressure.

Hypertension is the medical term for the disease commonly known as high blood pressure. It is not only a serious condition by itself, but it is also the leading cause of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.



1 cup of strawberries

1 banana

Half apple, seeded

1/4th cantaloupe or musk melon

• Extract juices and mix well.

• Strawberry is a source of vitamin C, which helps in lowering the blood pressure.

• Cantaloupe and bananas are good sources of potassium, which is beneficial to those suffering from hypertension.

• Consume onions and garlic generously which help in lowering cholesterol, and thinning the blood, apart from lowering blood pressure.



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