Curative Juice for PROSTATITIS

Curative juice for prostatitis contains ginger rich in zinc, lemon and grapes which sooth the nerves. This juice helps in reducing the size of the prostate gland and also relaxes the muscles.

Prostatitis is inflammation or enlargement of the prostate gland, which may occur as a result of an infection in the urinary tract.



1/4th inch Ginger piece

1 wedge of Lemon

1 bunch of green Grapes

Mineral water or soda

• Extract the juices and add mineral water or soda just before consuming.

• Ginger is a very good source of zinc that helps in reducing the size of the prostate gland.

• Grapes sooth the nerves and helps to relax the muscles.

• Also include in your diet, split peas, whole grains, Lima beans and pumpkin seeds.



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