Curative Juice for PSORIASIS

Curative juice for psoriasis contains carrot, orange, pineapple rich in zinc, selenium, enzyme bromelain. All these help in keeping healthy skin.

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by itchy, red patches that become covered with loose, silvery scales.



1/4TH Pineapple

Half Papaya

1/4th inch Ginger

Half Apple, seeded

Half Orange

1 Carrot

• Extract the juice and blend well.

• Carrot contains the essential mineral zinc which is necessary for the absorption of linoleic acid for healthy skin.

• Orange is a good source of selenium that helps in decreasing the formation of inflammatory compounds.

• Pineapple and papaya contain the enzyme broemelain which helps in protein digestion.

• Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

• A high-fiber diet helps bind toxins in the bowel and flush them out.

• Consumption of salmon, herring and mackerel arrests skin inflammation.



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