Curative Juice for THROMBOSIS

Curative juice for thrombosis contains spinach, garlic, beet green and green pepper. They are rich in vitamin C, E, B6, magnesium, calcium and selenium, all of which reduce and inhibit platelet adhesiveness.

Thrombosis is the blocking of a blood vessel by a blood clot (called a thrombus), which gets formed in the vessel, and if it occurs in the artery leading to an arm or leg, gangrene may set in.



A handful of Spinach

1 Beet top

1 green Pepper

1 clove of Garlic

• Extract the juices and mix well.

• Spinach is rich in vitamin B6, C, E and magnesium, all of which decrease platelet adhesiveness.

• Green pepper is rich in vitamin B6 and C.

• Beet green is a source of calcium that inhibits platelet adhesiveness.

• Garlic contains selenium that reduces platelet adhesiveness.

• Olive oil, onion, eggplant, melon and pineapple are good anti-coagulants.



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