Curative Juice for Depression

Curative juice for depression helps in elevating the mood of a person. Depression is the state of feeling dejected or low in spirits, and may be considered as an occupational disorder.



3 broccoli flowerets

1 clove garlic

4-5 carrots

1 beet green

Half green pepper

• Extract the juices and mix well.

• Broccoli and beet greens are rich in riboflavin which helps in keeping the body healthy.

• Green pepper and broccoli contain vitamin C, that helps fight depression.

• Broccoli, a good source of calcium, may be effective for those going through postmenopausal and postpartum depression.

• Beet greens and garlic have magnesium, and garlic and carrots have potassium, both minerals help one to get out of depressive mood.

• High protein foods like fish and legumes are recommended.

• Foods high in complex carbohydrates- raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains- are also beneficial in fighting depression.

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