Curative Juice for Diabetes

Curative juice for diabetes plays a vital role in controlling and maintaining normal blood sugar level. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism causing excessive thirst and the production of large amounts of urine. Diabetes mellitus is a commonest form of diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in a failure to metabolize sugars and starch. The body is unable to control the use of sugar as a source of energy.



A handful of spinach

A handful of parsley

4 carrots

Half apple, seeded

• Extract the juices and mix well.

• Spinach contains vitamin B6, vitamin E, chromium and magnesium, which are helpful in significantly alleviating the disease.

• Carrots are rich in vitamin E, while apple are rich in chromium.

• Generous consumption of garlic, onions, raw food and raw vegetable juices is found to be highly beneficial for diabetics.

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