Curative Juice for Diarrhea

Curative juice for diarrhea is rich in minerals essential for the healthy body. Diarrhea is a frequent and excessive discharge of water from the bowel, the danger lying in excessive loss of water.



1/4th cabbage

A little spinach

2 tomatoes

1 carrot

• Run through a juicer and mix well.

• All the ingredients are rich sources of potassium, which can be lost excessively in diarrhea.

• Spinach is rich in folic acid that may be helpful in chronic diarrhea.

• Spinach and carrot are also good sources of organic sodium and spinach is also rich in magnesium, both of these minerals need to be replenished during diarrhea.

• Fresh juices and plenty of fluids should be consumed.

• Banana, rice, apple and tea are a good remedy for upset stomach and diarrhea.

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