Secret Benefits of Juice Therapy

For centuries, juice therapy including fruit and vegetable juices, have been used for their therapeutic benefits. It not only reverses the degeneration of the body but also arrests the rate at which you age, and brings you seemingly boundless energy. A fresh juice enables you to easily assimilate useful nutrients in the body. Since enzymes, essential for digestion, get destroyed when food is cooked, there is all the more reason why fresh, raw produce should constitute at least half of your diet.

Hence, the consumption of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits prove to be more beneficial to our health than other food.


• Juice therapy offers you the essential concentration of nutrients in the best proportion to nourish and energize your body.

• The juices of fresh fruits and vegetables are the richest sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

• The less the food is processed, the more it retains its active nutrients.

• Always remember to have fresh produce, and extract the juice only when required. Don’t store the juice for days.

• Avoid bottled, canned or frozen juices, as these are usually preserved with chemicals, which destroy the healthy nutrients.

• To add a wide variety of nutrient- rich beverages into your diet, have juices.

• Instead of taking vitamins and mineral pills, it is always better to take fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of juices. Nutrients present in the food naturally, work much more effectively than in the pill form. • It is recommended that originally grown produce should be used more, as it is free from exposure to harmful sprays, like pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals.

• Several glasses of juice per day is recommended. Ideally, two to four glasses, in addition to meals, provides good balance.

• An equal proportion of vegetable and fruits juices are advisable.

• While extracting juice, remove the skin of orange and grapefruit as they contain a toxic substance. Similarly, apple seeds contain cyanide, and hence should be removed before extracting juice from an apple.

• If you are fasting, always break the fast with a glass of fresh raw vegetable or fruit juice.

• Juices of green leafy and yellow vegetables like spinach, carrot, yellow pumpkins contain vitamin A, riboflavin and iron.

• Citrus fruits, tomato and raw cabbage provide ascorbic acid and iron, if taken in the form of fresh juice, or eaten raw.

• Fresh fruit and vegetable juices cleanse and rejuvenate the human body.


Fruits and vegetables contain healing draughts for man . Nature offers them ready made. Juice therapy cures the number of diseases and ailments.

• Research shows that people living on natural foods like raw fruits and vegetables thrive best –without an ailment in the body.

• Fruit and vegetable juice therapy is very effective, as it removes the flaws from the body from their roots. Unlike drugs, it has no side effects, and is not known to damage any part of the body.

• It does not result in any adverse reaction then, mentally or physically.

• Raw fruit and vegetable juice helps in detoxifying the body. Juice can be taken at any hour during the day or night. Juice helps to enhance ones energy level, relieve fatigue, and bolster up sagging spirits. They are health- giving, life- giving and youth- giving essential foods. One of the secrets of maintaining a youthful look is the continuous and persistent practice of getting the liquid extract of fruits and vegetables.

• Juices bring sparkle to the eyes, color to the lips and a spring to the step by revitalizing the bloodstream. The most gratifying revelation by researchers is that – people stricken with serious disorders like cancer, heart attack, etc., could become strong and robust with the intake of juices.

• One’s sluggish and tired nerves get revived, while glands and organs get rejuvenated with fruit and vegetable juices. A high raw diet, in the form of juices, can not only reverse the bodily degeneration, but also make you feel emotionally better.

• We derive our energy from plants that, in turn, get energized by the sun during the process of photosynthesis. The vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals that our body requires can be procured from these plants which absorb them from the rich soils. The cells in our body, in turn, absorb all these plant derived essential nutrients.

• Juices are rich in nutrients and hence, juice therapy make the best diet supplements. Water, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc., work harmoniously and synergistically to enable your body to heal, maintain good health and stay free of diseases.

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