Mineral Boost

In one research, liquid minerals were given to the patients. This mineral boost showed improvements in a variety of conditions, including leg cramps, chronic fatigue, migraines, autism, and hyperactivity in children.

Did you know that if your body becomes deficient in the minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, you are more likely to suffer irregularities in your heartbeat? And if you have an excess of iron, but insufficient copper levels, this greatly increases your risk of a heart attack, especially after the age 50.

One in 10 people currently take a multivitamin, but recent research suggests that it’s also time to begin taking minerals more seriously.

In theory, if you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, you are ingesting all the nutrients the body needs. But evidence is mounting that this is no longer the case. In 1940, two food scientists analyzed the mineral content of UK-grown fruits and vegetables. In 1991, they conducted the similar studies. Comparative study of their findings shows that- the mineral levels had dropped by up to 50 to 75 percent.

If these figures are correct,

why are mineral levels becoming depleted?

“Intensive farming methods during the past 50 years, plus acid rain and overuse of artificial fertilizers, have reduced the absorption of minerals, such as selenium and zinc into our fruits, vegetables and grains”.

Mass-produced fertilizers generally contain only three minerals, but there are more than 36 known minerals, 21 of which are vital. If they are not in our soil, they are not going to make it into our foods. This imbalance is having a big impact on our health. Also, pesticides and pollutants such as lead accumulate in the body and prevent absorption of essential nutrients.

Since 1984, when the Finnish Government decreed that all fertilizers should contain selenium, sperm mobility (the ability of sperm to swim) in sub fertile men has increased by 35 percent, while instances of heart disease and prostate cancers have fallen.

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