Timing Protein Intake

Timing protein intake is very essential as it is a key to faster results. Protein is the most important building block of the body. Protein is extremely important nutrient for building muscles , which in turn burns fat and make your body more toned.

Bodybuilders and also the people who want to reduce weight by working out and training very hard, can greatly improve the results by properly targeting the protein intake.

The best times to take extra proteins are:

Immediately upon waking up : Your body is in a catabolic state (muscle wasting state) after whole night’s fast. By taking protein shake first thing in the morning, can counteract these harmful effects.

Immediately after a workout : At this time your body is starting to rebuild the muscles and recover from the workout. By giving protein will prevent the body from burning its own muscles for rebuilding purposes.

About an hour after a workout : At this time body has calmed down from the workout and is seriously involved in rebuilding process. By providing nutrient protein to body, muscle building speeds up.

Right before going to sleep : During sleep your body rejuvenates itself. Your muscles don’t build in the gym, they build while you are sleeping. So some protein before bed is the great building block for muscles.

In the middle of the night : It’s optional. If you sleep for a long time and wake up during the night then it can be of great help. Keep a premixed ready to drink protein shake next to your bed.

Besides these timings you can take protein with meals or in between meals with a snack.

If you time your protein intake as mentioned above then it will be a great benefit.

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